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These were installed on 4th July, 2015. If you are already familiar with phpBB forums, you might want to go to them. If you’re not, you might want to take a look anyway.

I’m already familiar with this. Please take me directly to the Forums.

Not already familiar with this? Please read on.

There are three forums—General, Old Schoolfriends and Photographs. The Photographs forum has seven sub-forums, corresponding to the main sections in this Web site.

If, while you’re there, you would like to register to use the forums, please go ahead. First, though, you might want to click on the Frequently Asked Questions Link (first of a row of three rectangular icons at top right of your screen) that will provide help in abundance. See below:

Please note that not all browsers display an icon's (or other image's) purpose or name when you move the mouse pointer over it.


To register, click on the word Register near the top left of the your screen.

After you have registered, each time you log in, you will see that there are now seven rectangular icons at the top right, rather than just three. You will have to register before using the Discussion Forums. We were initially deluged with very annoying nonsense messages (harmless, but a time-consuming nuisance). Banning them by their IP address, and thus preventing registration, solved the problem.

When you return from the questions and answers (using  your browser’s back arrow), you can reveal the clickable list of forums by clicking on the blue (or red) Old Scarborians Discussion Forums caption on the left side of your screen. First, you will see the parent forum (called, not surprisingly, Old Scarborians Discussion Forums) below where you clicked. Second, you will note, towards the bottom right of the screen, the following link:

Clicking on it will cause the full list to appear, as shown below. Clicking on the now-red Jump to button will alternately hide and show the list.

You can then click on one of the names (and subsequently, others) to reveal the forum itself, along with any existing posts. You can read posts or you can create the first post of a new topic within any forum by clicking on the New Topic button. See below:

Starting a new topic or replying to an existing topic will open a message composition window.

Important: When you register, please note that, for your user ID, you must not use a pseudonym, as your fellow Old Scarborians should be able to recognise who you are. As user IDs may contain spaces, you can (and should) use your real name in the customary format (e.g., John Smith). If you were widely known by a nickname (e.g., Spike) at school, that would be acceptable in place of a first name. Using only your initials is not acceptable.

As you grow accustomed to using the phpBB forums, you will discover alternative methods of performing the above tasks. They are omitted at this stage in order to avoid confusion.

I'll be updating this page from time to time. In the meantime, if you have questions, please click on my name, below, to open an already-addressed email composition window, complete with subject heading.

Last updated on 2016-01-22

Bill Potts, Webmaster

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