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Members are former pupils and former staff of the Scarborough High School for Boys


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What’s new as of September 2017

  • Please note that the OSA Bulletin Board (PHPBB) has been removed, owing to lack of interest and recently to a deluge of malicious registrations (as many as 200 per day). Only 17 Old Scarborians registered and only about 2 or 3 actually posted messages.

What was new (since mid-2015)?

  • With some appropriate exceptions, all pages have a new, uniform format.

  • Everything on the photo pages, except in the event section (dinners, luncheons, etc.), is now bigger and, where possible, brighter.

  • Many photographs (a majority) are now high resolution and almost all come both with and without the boys’ names. Clicking on the photograph will alternately show and hide the names, which are positioned in front of each person. A few photographs still have the names below them.

To view the latest issue (May 2017)  of Summer Times, click below:

Summer Times

  • The high-resolution photographs (and some near-high-resolution ones) can be viewed in full-screen mode, both with and without names. All you need to do is to click on an obvious link below the photograph. To go back to where you were, you just click on the enlarged photograph.

  • There’s more, so just explore.

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Which Mode?

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A Little History

  • The first year's site hosting and domain name registration fee were jointly donated by David Fowler and Bill Potts. Ongoing fees are now paid by the Old Scarborians Association (with some exceptions when they were covered either by Revan Tranter or by Bill Potts [including 2016 and 2017]). Original concept and design by David Fowler (now doing business as Farthings Publishing). Design, site maintenance and site enhancements since 2000 by Bill Potts,  Sacramento, CA, USA.

Need Help?

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Last updated 25 April 2017