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Each menu item on the left will take you to a specific photograph section, each with its own menu. Each section menu gives you the option of redisplaying the menu that is now on the left of your display, or the main menu, or returning directly to the Old Scarborians home page (with the main menu displayed).

The Architecture section includes both original and recent photographs of the Westwood and Woodlands schools, including some interesting architectural features of the Westwood school.

The Drama section includes photographs of cast and production crews for the annual school plays and operettas.

The Events section includes the annual luncheons and dinners and, of course, the September 2000 Millennium Dinner and the two 2002 Centenary events. No “official” luncheon or dinner photographs have been submitted for several years, but unsolicited ones of usable quality are welcome.

The Groups section includes group pictures of prefects,  school staff, and reunions other than the annual luncheons and dinners (see Events).

Sports photographs are organised by year and consist mainly of  posed team pictures. Action photos (of which we currently have only one) will be included as and when they are supplied by Old Scarborians.

The four subsections of the Then and Now section contain photographs of Old Scarborians living in Scarborough, living elsewhere in the U.K., living in Europe (other than the U.K.) and living overseas.

The Miscellaneous section includes photographs of Scarborough, and other non-personal pictures submitted by Old Scarborians.

Full-Screen Mode


Almost all Web sites look better if viewed in your browser's full-screen mode, which hides the menu bars and tool bars at the top, increasing the effective height of each Web page. You can toggle in and out of this mode, with the F11 key.

Individual Photographs

Not all the photographs submitted for display on this site have sufficient resolution for their enlargement to make sense. However, many (possibly most, other than in the Events section) do. For those, in addition to allowing you to click on photographs to alternately show and hide names, we provide two full-screen options: Full Screen and Full Screen (with names). Clicking (or, for a touch screen,  tapping) on them will replace the entire screen with the whole photograph.

Returning to the original page is very simple: click briefly on the photograph, or press Ctrl+w. For touch screens, just tap. If you need to move the image, click and drag while still holding the mouse button down , or touch and drag (or use the up, down, left and right keys).

This is very worthwhile, as the resolution of many of the photographs is simply dazzling. Note that the above actions work with all the well-known browsers, including those on smartphones. For Mac computers, there may or may not be some minor differences.

Sending Us Photographs

If you have photographs of pupils (including sports teams) or staff, please let us know.

If they are in digital form (e.g., from a digital camera or a smart phone), please send them as email attachments to the Webmaster. If they are in the form of prints, please scan them (highest possible resolution), save them as jpg files and send them as email attachments.

We do not recommend sending photographic prints via snail mail. If you don't have a scanner or don’t feel comfortable using one, please have such prints scanned by a knowledgeable friend or relative.