Downloading the On-Line Edition

On-line editions of all issues of Summer Times may be downloaded here. 

After editing and publishing thirteen excellent issues (November 1999 to November 2005), David Fowler finally took a well-deserved break. Until a new editor was found, Summer Times was replaced by a semi-annual newsletter in A4 format.  For three issues (May and November 2006, and May 2007), there was no on-line edition of the newsletter. However, they were subsequently recast in A5 format, with the same covers as the full versions of Summer Times, and can now be retrieved here. Both the printed and online editions of the 1999 issue are in A4 format.

Peter Newham took over as the Summer Times editor, starting with the November 2007 issue. This is a joint effort with David Fowler, who continues to lend his experience and expertise to the effort.  

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